Event Management Solutions

We offers end to end management for this solution


For the success of an event the key is getting the right audience interested in participation.

In events and Awards programs, in which correct audience/participant profile holds utmost importance, efforts from traditional ATL promotional campaigns tend to see a lot more incorrect profile responses as opposed to concentrated BTL targeting.

Our 360 degree event solutions approach to prospect targeting offers end to end event management of this complex process, starting from data identification to execution of solution and ultimately tracking the final response for the event.

Audience Generation

Evevt Solution By Acquist In india

Audience generation is a complete process that is implemented from identifying the correct target database to setting and implementing a complete RSVP desk, to outbound calling to generate the audiences.BYC, invitations, reconfirmation mailers supplement the invitation process. It is made complete by ensuring post event feedback cycle is implemented.

Our complete event management process comprising of HNIs, SMEs, prominent institutes, MNC and top company executives etc makes sure that the TG desired by the client, is available.

Inbound Response Management & R.S.V.P.

This solution includes all comprehensive inbound mechanisms deployed at Acquists end.

These inbound mechanisms go out on all clients communication & include: Manned Phone Number (Generally 8 hours a day 6 days a week), Email ID, Fax Number, etc.

Calls received can be transferred to appropriate client contact or noted down along with prospect response and reported to client to take ahead. Basic profiling is also done by response agent at Acquists end and then passed on to client.

Event Promotions in pune

Call for Entries/Nominations for Awards

Event Organisation

This solution category is typically requested when the client requires nominations/forms filled for a contest /award ceremony of a kind. Here it is critical the correct and relevant nominations for each category is received.

The entire process requires more information than just the basic information and it is generally a time bound activity.

Acquist uses a combination of media research, detailed profiling through telephony and feet on street methodology to acquire the entries for the awards. We target companies post identifying them after understanding relevancy to category . The data selection, basis the various categories defined is critical in this solution. Various initiatives for media companies have been undertaken by Acquist in this solution category.