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About Acquist Solution

About Acquist

The business origin behind Acquist can be traced back to the aim of the founders to ensure maximum acquisition and gain for our clients. The word Acquist stems from the latin word “acquistum” meaning acquisition and gain. This is the central theme of the organization

Acquist as a leading marketing consulting company offers solutions in the direct marketing, digital marketing, research and publishing spaces with the objective of generating measurable gains for its clients that are reflected directly in the clients sales and, financial and other bottom-lines.

With Marketing Consultancy as its foundation, Acquist triumphs in two additional realms.

Acquist Realty, founded in 2015, specialises in Domestic Real Estate, offering comprehensive end-to-end consulting services to its clients in India and abroad.

London Realty Connect: Marking an impressionable growth since 2018 with its exclusive International Real Estate offerings in London & Dubai, paired with top-notch Immigration assistance.

Direct Marketing

In direct marketing solutions, Acquist's focuses on maximizing customer acquisition outcomes for its clientele, delivered by a high-performance team of senior professionals with over four decades of combined experience in running customer acquisition and marketing programmes for various clients across industry sectors such as real estate, IT, telecom, banking, logistics and luxury goods.

Marketing Solution by Acquist

Database profiling

Acquist’s database profiling and sales intelligence adds value to clients’ customer acquisition efforts by significantly increasing targeting accuracy levels.

Digital marketing

In the space of digital marketing solutions, Acquist's as a marketing consulting service providers works in conjunction with client and helps them in all the areas of digital viz. Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Training. The domain expertise of the Acquist team coupled with their deep understanding of the database marketing tools and techniques when integrated with incisive digital creative, tools and techniques helps in amplifying and enhancing the Return-on-Investment on client campaigns be it on acquisition or building a brand digitally or generating reviews online or even triggering downloads for a newly launched App.

Sales Promotion by Acquist