Pre-Sales Solutions

We provide solutions which maximizes the effective usage of information.


Here you can find information about solutions we deliver which are aimed at giving our clients the competitive edge by providing them qualified leads on a regular basis.

Using Acquist’s extensive & varied customer database consisting of various categories for B2B and B2C clients, the solutions aim at creating a complete quality controlled process for maximizing the client resources in the actual sales process rather than the tedious pre-sales process.

Depending on the requirement target group of the client, the database backend team creates the suitable criteria for selection of data which may result in a positive sales lead.

Data selected is then sent through a series of quality control methods to ensure relevance and accuracy of the data.

The following detailed solutions are offered under this category, independent or in conjunction with each other, to create a complete lead generation plan suiting the clients need.

Direct Mailing

Direct Mailing

Direct Mailing as an individual solution is used for products/services where a certain amount of information is required to be provided to the prospect in order to elicit a response.

It is also shown to be successful in B2B and HNI campaigns, where the product/service requires a “Wow” effect to be presented through a communication medium, and it also helps in being the first talking point when one communicates with them verbally, in order to pitch the product/service.

It is also shown to be helpful when the client wants to contact owners of small and medium sized businesses across India, as the amount and frequency of digital usage (email) is still minimal in these sectors.

Acquist can also support the client in the design and production of the mailer.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Service is a solution category meant to provide basic information of client offering to the prospect.

It is used as a standalone offering only in services/products which are basic and self explanatory in terms of offer. It can also be used as a teaser mechanism to incite the prospect to get in touch with the RSVP contact details, for more information.

Prior to the sending out of the electronic mailer Acquist guides the prospect on best practices with respect to emailer designing in order to avoid it from going into spam, subject line etiquettes, making crucial information visible in mobile devices etc.

Campaign timing in terms of days of the week etc and depending on the product vertical, are crucial points that the Acquist team factors, while using the solution.

A lot of success has been seen in the real estate vertical, with the usage of this solution category.

email marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile or SMS Marketing

Mobile or SMS Marketing is used when the offering has its value proposition in less than 2 – 3 lines.

It is used however slightly restricted in usage due to the reach because of the NDNC laws.

It is mainly used by real estate or consumer products with the aim to spread the message of a special offering/discount in the quickest way possible.

It is not recommended in cases where long term brand value/proposition is to be created for the client.

Lead Generation

This solution category is mostly used when a steady stream of warm leads are to be provided to the client sales team.

Lead Generation Marketing essentially comprises mainly of callers trained in solutions calling on behalf of clients to the selected prospect list.

It is generally combined with Direct Mailing/Electronic Mailer/Both in order to induce a better response.

An RSVP desk is installed to track all inbound responses from the mailers.

Lead Generation Services as a product is used for B2B as well as B2C products (generally of a certain ticket size)

Lead Generation